Hey there!

I'm Antony Njoroge

I am known for my love for experimentation and exploration to design novel and useful digital products. My colleagues describe me as a dependable leader who demonstrates initiative, integrity, service, and teamwork. My big-picture thinking and work ethic make me ideal for fast-paced software development environments solving complex problems that require a fast turnaround.

Antony Njoroge Mutharia's Picture

My Focus

My main focus is in designing integrated enterprise software systems that have complex workflows and interactions between multiple system users.

I combine my background in accounting and marketing to convert technical business requirements to user features that impact the bottom line. I am also self-starting, self-managing, and have strong organisational skills.

When I am not staring at my screen working on a project, I also enjoy hiking, and gugu gaga'ing with my daughter.

UI Design
UX Research
User Testing
Web Design
Adobe XD